How Do You Know Whether Guarantor Loans Are Right For Your Or Not?

First off, you should know what a guarantor loan really is. A guarantor loan is one of the most convenient ways for you to buy a property with no deposit as it lets you use the equity from someone else’s property, someone such as a family member or your parents, so that you can easily purchase a house on your own.

In simpler words, a guarantor is basically someone who acts as a second person to take care of the unsecured loans in case of financial difficulties. These loans can be of 1 to 5 years and you are allowed to borrow as much money as needed between 1,000 and 10,000 pounds.  These loans are quite helpful for people who have bad credit as they can use these loans as a safety net. Here’s how you determine whether a guarantor loan is right for you or not.

Eligibility for Guarantor Loans

If you want to know if a guarantor loan is right for you or not, you need to understand how lenders will qualify you as eligible or not to buy a guarantor loan. Here are some of the criteria that lenders will base you on, but one thing you should keep in mind is that every lender is different and has different eligibility criteria for individuals, so it is always a safe idea to read up on each lender before getting into the market to buy a guarantor loan:

  • Someone who is a guarantor should be able to pay your loans and if they cannot pay your loan, the guarantor will get a credit check against them.
  • The guarantor and the individual both should be 18 years old and above.
  • Employment is extremely mandatory and important for the individual and the guarantor because they should be able to provide pay checks and income.

  • The individual and the guarantor both need to be able to provide original copies of bank statements and utility bills.
  • This may depend on lender to lender, but a few lenders will only provide the guarantor if they own their own homes.
  • The individual and the guarantors all need to be residents in the UK.

To find out whether you are eligible for a guarantor loan and whether it is the right decision for you or not, you need to be able to fit the criteria given above to apply for a guarantor loan. If you think you are eligible and meet any of the criterions, you can always check the lenders list and find out the best and reasonable prices that different lenders are offering. When you have decided on a lender, you can fill out your personal information and the amount of loan that you require to borrow with the specific time period given, your chosen lender will then let you know how much you will need to pay them every month. Majority of the time, it’s a fixed monthly amount. You should always make sure to read the terms and conditions for any lenders before you decide to chose them or apply for them.

Is My Credit Score Important For Me To Be Eligible For Guarantor Loans?

It is not always important that you have a perfect credit score, and lenders do not always check your credit history either, but they will always make sure to check the guarantor’s credit history so that they can make sure that they can approve your request for a money loan. If the individual cannot pay or repay their payments, the guarantor must be able to pay for them and if they cannot provide that money within the time period; this will have a bad affect on their guarantor credit history.

Is it Wise to Opt for a Joint Bank Account?

If you are a fan of the classic Laurel and Hardy comedies, you may have surely watched their film ‘Thicker than Water’. In the film Hardy gets a jolt in the head for withdrawing money from the joint account held jointly with his wife. Although it may be a short film, but the ending of film correctly reflects the consequences of a joint account.

Many couples believe that the joint account is in their best interests. In fact financial experts may tell you that having a joint account is a good way to avoid probate when transferring money to your loved and dear ones. While having a joint account offers benefits, there are certain drawbacks of opting for a joint bank account.

Here you will learn about the risks of having a joint bank account for you and your partner so that neither part feel regret of polling funds later down the road.

Joint Bank Accounts: The Risks Unveiled

A joint account may signify a feeling of mutual trust between the partners, but the consequences can be far beyond what both the partners expect in case things get sour. The foremost risk of a joint bank account is that the poor credit history of one partner will affect the other.

Just living together will not affect credit ratings of the other partner. But once a joint account is opened both the partners will be ‘co-scored’. So, if one of the partners has a not-so-perfect credit score, it might be unwise to opt for a joint bank account.

Another risk of a joint bank account is that the partners will lose some privacy in how they spend the money. All the transactions from the account will be known to both the partners, which may create familial disputes between the partners.

Probably, the worst risk of a joint bank account is that one of the joint partners may secretly take out the money in which case there will be not many options apart from costly legal actions to get it back.

Lastly a risk of a joint account is that things may get messy in case one of the partners overdraws a large sum from the bank. This will make both the partners liable for repayment of the debt. That is why it is absolutely necessary that you close a joint bank account with an ex-partner.


You can open a joint account with anyone in the world including your husband/wife, parents, business partners, and even roommates. However, you should know that once you sign the papers and open the joint account, both of you will have 100% rights to the account. It doesn’t matter who opens the account or whose contributions make the majority of the account. In the legal eyes of the law, both the joint account holders are equal owners of the funds.

Although the wronged party may get back some of the account through legal action, but the time, effort, and tension involved in the process will certainly be great. There’s nothing that the bank can do to protect interest of any of the joint account holder if a person withdraws all the money from the account.

Things a Long Term Loan Can be Used for

A long term loan is one which is taken by a borrower to be paid over a period of time that is at least greater than a single year. There are some long term loans that can be taken for as long a period as 30 years. Companies, individuals and even countries take the advantage of long term loans to finance their immediate yet expensive needs.

Long term loans are not suitable for petty needs such as buying a few expensive suits. They are there to be used for the greater needs such as financing a property or starting a business. Here, we describe the few important things for which you can take a long term loan.

Starting a Business

A business depends largely on the presence of the capital investment. It is necessary to carry out important financial activities. For large organisations, financing business needs is not a problem. But for a small business owner, it can often be difficult to buy the required machinery or buy the raw material needed to complete an order.

Long term loans therefore offer the business a secure way to have the required capital. The loan has to be returned in easy to pay monthly instalments which form the set of the current liabilities of the business venture. There are many banks that provide long term loans to business entrepreneurs who need them to develop and apply their business ideas.

Buying a House

Another important need that only a long term loan can help to achieve is buying a house when you are still relatively young and do not have more than a few thousand pounds at your disposal. Properties are mostly very costly and even a small apartment often costs over hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The best way to buy a property therefore is to obtain a long term mortgage loan. This mortgage loan allows you to sustainably afford the property as you pay the costs in easy monthly instalments, although you do have to also pay back the loan that is due on the principal amount of the loan. Most home loans are for around ten or twenty years and therefore the amount of a single instalment is often very small and quite easily afforded by the borrower.

Buying a Car

Long term loans can also be used to buy a vehicle. Most people cannot afford to buy the cars directly from the savings, although they earn enough to be easily able to afford a car. They can take a long term loan in order to buy an expensive car and then pay the loan back over a number of years with an affordable monthly payment. It remains the best way to afford a car at the start of your career because you may not have the resources that are required to buy a new car.

Long term loans make these modern needs available to use and ensure that we are able to get them when we are young. Banks also require clients to give long term loans which are secure in most cases and allow them to earn as well with their available cash balances.

Pros and Cons of Broadband Internet Connections

Broadband internet connections are widely used by people from all over the world. The quick and stable internet access provided by various broadband internet companies has gained widespread appeal, and according to statistics the figures for broadband access are rising at an ever increasing pace. A study from OECD has reported mobile broadband penetration to have gone up to 90 percent.

Broadband internet access may be popular, but this certainly does not mean it is an ideal form of internet connection. Just as there are many advantages, there are also various disadvantages. In this post, we are going to explore some of the pros and cons of broadband internet connection.


Higher Speeds

We are can remember the times when we first got our hands on dial-up internet connection and used to plead

We can remember the times in which we used to ask our family members to keep the phone free to be able to use dial-up internet connection. Although such a kind of internet connection may have allowed us to browse websites and access emails, we can all attest to the fact that dial-up was incredibly slow and sometimes could take minutes to load a website with too many pictures or flash animations. In fact, downloading speed was so slow that it would take us days to be able to download a 5 or 10 minute video.

However, this was no longer the problem when we got our hands on broadband internet connection. Download speeds are substantially higher and provided us with considerable convenience in interacting with various kinds of media, from pictures to animations and videos. Downloading a movie can be done in simply a matter of minutes and also be able to access emails and chat with people in real time.

Broadband internet connection, thus, offers phenomenal speeds, which has made internet browsing far more comfortable and part of everyday living.

Improved Service Delivery

Broadband internet connection is also beneficial from a service delivery point of view. It operates much better in comparison with other forms of internet connection, such as dial-up, in which users often complained about irregular internet speeds and performance. Broadband internet connection, in contrast, guarantees a relatively stable internet connection and high-speed internet performance, which fulfills users’ expectations and improves customer satisfaction.

Broadband internet connections are also not dependent on weather conditions to offer good internet speeds, unlike in the case of dial-up. This gives it a strong edge in its ability to offer superior browsing experience.

Allows You to Use Internet at Better Rates

One of the biggest flaws about internet connections such as dial up was that costs are dependent on usage. This means that the more hours you browse websites and do online chat, the more it will cost you. Considering how slow dial up internet connections are, cost is always bound to be high, unless you limit your browsing activities strictly to reading and sending emails, which is clearly not fun at all.

Broadband internet connection, on the other hand, charges users according to a specific time period, usually a month. In this pricing system, the cost of using the internet is deemed fixed and the hours of usage are left entirely up to you. This means that the cost of using a month’s worth of broadband internet connection will be the same regardless of how many hours of internet you consume. This along with high internet speed makes browsing internet all the more rewarding and enjoyable.


Fixed Cost of Internet Consumption

Since the cost of internet consumption is fixed, this can be very disadvantageous for those who do not consume internet as much. The fixed internet cost is usually high depending on the type of internet subscription and thus could cost you higher than dial up.

It is important to acknowledge not everyone uses the internet to watch videos on YouTube or spend hours on social media. Some people only keep their internet browsing activity limited to accessing emails and so are likely to be put off by the idea of paying a high fixed cost for using the internet. Such people may be better off using dial up internet connection than broadband internet.

Greater Security Risks

Broadband internet connection can pose a lot more security risks than other kinds of internet connections. The higher availability and flexibility of using the internet comes at a cost, the risk of data theft and corruption at the hands of hackers. If you use wireless broadband, various malicious programs can enter your network system and pose a substantial risk to your devices and personal data. This is why it is strongly recommended that you use encryption to provide greater security to personal files and data.

Slow Speeds at Peak Hours

Broadband internet connections are known for offering greater internet speeds and thus service delivery than other kinds of internet connections, such as dial up. Although this is true, users can still experience slower internet speeds at peak hours. You might have experienced this at Friday or Saturday night when you are downloading something and suddenly the download speed has gone down tremendously. This occurs when there are too many users online and thus the higher traffic bogs down speed and your browsing experience.

One way to resolve this problem is by opting for higher speed traffic packages, but can cost a lot more than your existing broadband internet package.

Maintenance Problems

Another major problem of broadband internet connections is that anytime your connection disconnects, you are usually left at the behest of your ISP. You might have to contact the person in charge and request them to fix your internet connection. In other words, there is nothing you can do to fix and are left at the discretion of your ISP provider. If there is a problem with the source, then it can take up to many days or a week to get the problem sorted.

Should You Prefer An Internet Website?


Website is the collection of web pages that include multimedia content and are identified with the domain name or URL address. In this digital era it is must to have a website if you are craving online success. Even if you have an offline store, you can still ask the web developers to design attractive website and showcase your products and services. Apart from this, you can also mention the contact details and address of your store inside. If you use the internet for your benefit and get an attractive and professional website, you are sure to target maximum potentials. Online visitors looking for products similar to what you sell can bring more traffic and facilitate more sales and boost ROI. The first step to gaining online recognition is having an appealing website. There are many benefits of having website for both small and large businesses also you can provide Fake ID


Having a compelling website is the sure shot way to gain visibility. Those who are trying to find you online, locate you online easily. So, you are not obsolete or obscure. Customers looking for some products or services can just use the search engine and enter their names.


If they want something concerning your niche and your website is optimized with SEO services, they will find you undoubtedly. If you have no online presence, you will never gain visibility or become visible to your potentials.


With the online website, you have advantage of controlling your own ranking. You may hire the professionals to offer you search engine optimization services. Ultimately, it is you who decides the ranking. You may come up with optimized content, more number of links and create a brand name for yourself.

Having your own website is like having a powerful sales tool. With the tool, you may address the concerns of your customers and give them relevant feedback and generate a sales call. A website is just like that home turf where the visitors can search trusted information about the company and indulge on a more personal level with you. By using the powerful tool, you can generate the level of confidence on your brand. You can also guide the buying decision of customers by including call to action.

Customers nowadays look for social presence in the form of website. They wish to know if you are stable enough to acquire a webpage online. Having a website establishes the level of trust among the audience. They can go through your articles, read information on the products and thus you build a brand authority among them.Thus, it is possible to gain authority in major search engines and enhance the chance of showing up for right queries. Gaining visibility for the right terms gets easier with the site optimization services.

By having your own website and asking the customers to subscribe to your newsletter, you will have at your disposal the entire list of emails. These emails may be used in the future to get in touch with your potentials.Apart from the above 5 benefits, there are many other advantages of having your own website. However, gaining an online recognition and enjoying more visibility are the foremost.